Post Election Clean Up Drive

On May 12, 2022, Rover Circle United - 08 conducted a post election clean up drive at Mabini Homesite, Cabanatuan City. I participated in this project to help take down tarpulins made by the running barangay captains, kagawads, and many more politicians.
The project took place at Mabini Homesite, Cabanatuan City. The starting point is at Rover Den then we start searching for tarpaulins nearby that area. We did not notice that we have been far from the Den because moments later we arrived at the highway. When we have enough numbers of tarpaulin, We decided to go back to the Den.
We lessen the tarpaulin in some areas and I think that it is a big help to our local people who is taking tarpaulins from walls, electric posts and vehicles. I think that this project also has an impact to myself because in this project I communicate more with my fellow scouts and I realized that even though we work under hot weather we still do not get tired because of the people that will benefit from this. They're simple thankyou and genuine smile takes away our fatigue.
In this project I learned to be reuse things so that it lessens the trash in our environment because in this project, Our Circle Manager Sir Alen Paul Madriaga teaches us how to create a paper crane using the tarpaulins we got. In this project I also learned to be creative because now I know how to make an origami and it can be a display in our house. I learned that simple things can be a huge addition to add to the beauty of our house.
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