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Plastic Free Purulia at Ajodhya Hill

Helping our community is our ultimate priority. Global warming has affected the nature day by day, So our duty is to clean and tidy our surroundings. It's inspired me a lot to work as a active citizen.
We have initiated this program at Different areas of Ajodhya Range. Our Annual Camp was held at Sonkupi which is adjacent area of Purulia & Our camp tagline was "Plastic Free Drive at Ajodhya Hills." We were going to Mayur Pahar, Lahari Dam where we started our drive campaign as there many people have to come there for travelling. Local citizens were also helped with us, and it creates a better framework for all. We also arranged trek program by taking pledge not to use of plastic materials.
Community Service Requires to help and support of people as well as beloved nature. Local citizens were also helped with us during the drive campaign and it creates a better framework for all. They have learnt how to protect nature by saving the excessive usage of Plastic Products.
We have learnt that how to become active citizen by helping and working with community. It will blessings for us if the environment heals as it before.
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