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Plant a tree to save life.

On this peace day I committed to help and plant fruit trees and other plants that suits the weather and altitude.To mark this events all the scouts and non scouts teachers and leaders have come forward to have this event in open heart and knowing the importance of the projects.
The project was held in our school to mark the important day,for one and all planting trees near scout area and in fruits trees area. We have planted about 130 plus saplings,avacodo pine,oak and locally available trees that suits to altitude. In this programme we have celebrated fulfilling all the SDGs objective align with the theme.
I should say that many has learned through the programme and that we live and care our earth.
This year we have come across 6 to 7 activities and this would be better one that will always keep one reminded to take care of our world. We will be making better by planting more trees and taking care of more trees in our campus.
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