Perritos CCBA

This project was created by someone from my career in a more advanced semester, it consists of keeping the preventive medicine of the faculty's dogs up to date, mainly deworming, vaccination schemes and sterilization. Ayear ago I became part of the comitee, and later on, the current project coordinator.

Through informative workshops aimed at students from high school to undergraduate, as well as in the participation of project fairs to share about the project. We also organice several economic activities to raise the necessary funds to give dogs a good quality of life.

This project has an impact on the students from "Campus de Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias" (approximately 500 people), because we treated (and currently continue) more than 20 dogs that could've potentially transmitted a disease if we hadn't intervened with vaccination, deworming and adoptions.

I've learnt how important are things so simple like vaccinating dogs, into preventing a lot of diseases that could potentially be transmited to us, specially because the kind of contact we have with animals in our faculty.

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