The Moot Voluntary Service - St Lukes

The Moot Voluntary Service - St Lukes

Between the 2nd and the 5th of January 2017 400 Rovers will be giving back to the local community through over 1500 hours of voluntary service. The Rovers will be working in partnership with Parks Victoria, Yea Rotary, Puckpapunyal Army Base, St Luke's Yea, Seymour Presbyterian Church, Seymour Collage, More Murals, Lighthorse Memorial Park and local Scout groups 1st Nagambie and 1st Seymour to help improve their communities. The voluntary service completed at St Lukes, Yea will help to improve the congregation. During their project the Rovers layed out an outdoor labyrinth on a prepared site, repair and varnished the Church doors and garden furniture, and dig out some new garden bed areas along the parish fence line.
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