elizabeth Chacko
South Africa

Making the world a better place

We live in a developing country with many disparities. And sometimes, its easy for us to forget that others don't have as much as we do, and that we have power to create opportunities and a better world for ourselves and others. Through this project, the Cubs learnt about what they can do to make the world a better chance at surviving what humanity has done to it, how much beauty exists in our country and how we can make others lives better by doing our part and a good turn.
Through the program Cubs got hands on, by building, cleaning, experimenting and playing - while understanding the impact of doing nothing. The programs were mostly run in our Cubs venue, clean ups in our community, tippy tap donations to disadvantaged early childhood development centers, Cub Fun Day on careers and visiting nature reserves near our Cubs venue. We understood what it means to live in a sustainable community while learning about communities like the Inca's who are no more.
Our clean up included cleaning the streets near our new Cub venue. Cubs also went home and cleaned the surrounding areas with their families. The 2 Tippy Taps we built were donated to an Early Childhood Development center in a disadvantaged community that doesn't have access to water. Having easy access to water means these little children can be safe from disease especially during the pandemic we are living through.
What we learnt is that each of us, young and old, have opportunities to make changes around us. By learning the impact of what we do and understanding our options, we can make better choices. We can appreciate the opportunities to have a better future and we are excited for it. Our job is to help others also understand so they too can make changes in the world around them. But it starts with each of us.
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