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A little bit of green has a great effect

There is no need of motivation for our caring of our Beautiful Environment gifted by God .... The beautiful nature motivated me to do some kindness to our surrounding Firstly I went to those area where need of some green plants and trees ,there I gave some information about the plants to the people's how plants and trees plays an important role in our daily lives then after we all together plants some beautiful plants and share the knowledge of caring the plants and trees in a discipline way.
The impact was far better as I think ... Lots of people takes part in this event And share knowledge about the different plants and trees.. individually one by one share their experience about planting and how can we increase the green and fresh nature I also learnt many things from the others and it was a good experience of my life
About learning I can said only one thing when I start I don't think that people were interested in this event but when I spoke about the topic of healthy environment all gave their experience and share their thoughts abouts the nature and how we all together make our environment beautiful
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