Kem Bumi Hijau 2019 - Scouts Go Solar

Kem Bumi Hijau 2019 - Scouts Go Solar

'Bumi Hijau' - Green Earth is a National level camp organised by the Negeri Sembilan Scouts Association, held in Kem Bukit Putus, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

There were 4 departments that the participants will be visiting to engage themselves : >

1. Scouts Go Solar
2. Forest Department
3. Water Department
4. Environment Department

We did Scouts Go Solar, whereby participants were given the opportunity to engage in solar based activities - > solar car racing, solar cooker, solar art, solar glasses.

Participants were given a video presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals, after which a video on Why go Solar, the benefits. 

Participants were then encouraged to make their own personal solar glasses. We assisted to ensure they are able to complete it.

Then paraticipants were given explaination and shown the way to cook food, using Copenhagen Solar Cooker.

Participants were also given an ice cream stick & magnifying glass each, to make art using solar energy.

On the overall, participants were excited with their new found knowledge !

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