International  Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day Celebration

The international Women's Day was Organised by our Scouting members as well as other college Unit together on 9th of March, because due to some arrangement problems we were not able to celebrate Women's Day on 8th March. But on 8th March by the mean of posters we tried to aware all students in our campus regarding that day. On 9th of March we Organised a seminar in our college and also some competitive events like Declamation, Poetry competition, Poster making competition on the behalf of Women's Respect. Not only scouting members participate in that competition but maximum non scouting members took part. Our 5 members including me tried to give their complete service during program. That seminar ran about ranfor 3 hours. Total scouting members participate - 6 Total service hours - 6×3= 18 hours
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