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Helping fire services after the explosion.

Hello everyone .Today I will talk about the topic which is happening frequently in Dhaka nowadays. This is about the blasts. So far there have been blasts about three times in different places. So we have taken up the project in collaboration with fire services to help the helpless people and to maintain order.
Blast in Siddique Bazar North South Roads Market building. The cause of the explosion is not yet known. A total of 11 units of fire service are doing rescue work. RAB and army bomb disposal unit and fire service, scouts were present at the spot. More than 20 people were rescued from the collapsed building. We (Millat High School Scout Group) and other scout groups came forward to maintain order and cooperate with the fire service in the blast.
Hundreds of people have been injured, more than 16 people have been killed so far. Many nearby senator shops were badly damaged.Over 300 people have benefited from this project and our project has had a great impact on the community and its people. A lot of people have got their loved ones back.
From implementing this project I have learned many things which cannot be expressed.
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