Going green with messenger of peace initiative
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Nawang Gyaltshen

Going green with messenger of peace initiative

A group of 50 Scouts in a high school got involved in a project to grow organic vegetables for the school consisting of 1500 students and 80 teachers. The scouts started the project after Bhutan Scouts Association conducted an orientation on Messenger of Peace global initiative this year. The group were inspired by the initiative and decided to help the school and it's teaching faculty by growing organic vegetables. The vegetables grown were sold to the staff and people living in the neighborhood. The revenue earned were donated to the school to help the underprivileged students in the school. This noble initiative have reaped benefits after harvesting the vegetables and sales have begun. Scouts spent about two hours daily to tend the garden provided b the school for Agriculture program. The project has received immense response from the school management and received so much support. This project shall be replicated next year as well. Project commenced from May this year and ended on September. For service hours calculation, We have just included a month since they were involved for more than five months but for actual number of services provided, we just included a month.
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