Go solar, the energy adventure continues.

This project was motivated by the desire of the ambassador that I am to extend the project of the national triangle. After the coast, centre and east, the challenge put its suitcases in the western region.

The project was carried out in three phases. The first was the collection and recovery phase of materials and materials: old plates, old torches, wires, coloured paper for car windows, etc. The second theoretical requires scouts to go to the solar And the third, in a practical workshop: manufacture of solar cookers, electrical circuits with bulb and hot wire and sunglasses. All these workshops organised according to age groups.

Here I prefer to put a testimony from Of a beneficiary, a young student in the electricity sector. « During this project, I found it very interesting to learn a little more about electricity itself. Every moment devoted to scouting brings me new intellectual and practical resources. »

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