Give a Light for Life Project

Light is one of the most important aspects and a gift from God that we can use daily. The story of light has two origins, one is from the bible and the other one from science. In the bible, God created light on the first day to separate darkness. In science, after the Big bang, light instantly began. As an active scout of our council, and a student taking up a BS in Electrical Engineering, light has fascinated me to create something for the community to help them in their daily life.
The project occurred on April 8, 2022, right after my birthday. We implemented this at Pantao National High School. Firstly, we conducted a solicitation drive wherein we solicited people, whether in government or private citizens that are kind enough to support our project with all of their hearts. After that, we purchase and gather all the materials, and prefabricated the device. During the implementation, all of us follow health protocols and distributed the device to be assembled on site.
The impact of this project is beneficial not just for the youth but also to the 15 beneficiary families as well as the whole Municipality of Libon. It impacted the lives of 15 families because we thoroughly chose who has no access to electricity or doesn’t have lighting at night, this project helped the students study at night without sacrificing their sight. Also, the device itself can be used during and after a calamity that can disrupt and damage the power lines.
I learned many during the day that we implemented the project. Because I truly see in their eyes the happiness when they assembled the device on their own, and it's just like a spark in their eyes. This project can be used by anyone who wants to build and construct their own recycled solar light for their homes and community. The seminar’s topics can be changed depending on what important problems in the community the proponent/s wants to solve or to educate.
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