Empowerment of Young People Through Online Infrastructure
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Empowerment of Young People Through Online Infrastructure

The BSP Scout Profile (or Registry) System is a “Self-Service”Website that will allow Scouts (and eventually even Scouters) to record,monitor, organize, and share their Scouting activities and achievements.The system will be closely integrated with popular social networking sitesparticularly Facebook, Google, and Twitter to encourage Scouts toshare their many scouting experiences which may encourage their nonscoutfriends and acquaintances to hopefully want to join Scouting andtheir fellow scouts to be more active and involved in the movement.The system will allow both old and new scouts to document their“scouting life.” Scouts need only to key enter into the system all their past/previous scouting activities and achievements (e.g. merit badges earned inprevious years). Once they have recorded their past scouting activities andachievements they can regularly and immediately update these as they joinnew scouting activities or achieve new scouting ranks, merit badges,awards, milestones, etc.This system will be primarily used by the Scouts as a Self-Service site. 1. Scout Account Profile/Registry: Personal Info, Contact Info, Scouting Membership Info/Status, Current (Scouting)Affiliation.2. Scout advancements: Ranks, Merit Badges, Awards3. Scouting Events and Activities: Training, Seminars, Jamborees, Tree Planting Activities, Community Service4. Photo and Video Clip Galleries: Allow both “linked-to” or direct “browse-upload.” Possibly linked to Google Photosand YouTube for media storage.5. Scout CV: Scout should have the ability to print his/her “Comprehensive Scouting Resume” from the system6. Social Networking Sites: Closely linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Scouts who are active Facebook and/orGoogle users may opt to register using their Facebook or Google accounts. Scouts may also opt to automatically send theirScouting updates to their Facebook, GooglePlus, and/or Twitter accounts.7. User Account Management: Password change, account update, etc.8. Admin Functions: user password resets, backdoor edits, parameter settings, admin account creation/suspension/deletion, etc.   The Scout Merit Badge and Advancement Module is a very lightand simple module that does a very specific funtion: allow Scouts and UnitLeaders/Scoutmasters to download Merit Badge and other AdvancementRequirements, and print the same with the corresponding MB Card, RankCard, etc.The MB/Rank Card should then be signed by the concerned Merit BadgeCounselor and/or Unit Leader or Scoutmaster for it to be consideredofficial.As an additional feature, the module should allow for both individual andgroup processing. A Unit Leader, for instance, may download and print theMerit Badge requirements and cards for his entire unit after an activityintended for his Scouts to earn a particular Merit Badge.This system will be primarily used by the Scouts and Unit Leaders/Scoutmasters as a Self-Service site. 1. Reposity of Advancement Informaton: Ranks, Merit Badges, Awards, etc.2. Search and Print: Scouts and Unit Leaders/Scoutmasters should easily find the Advancement information/materials theyneed and print these from any Internet-connected computer.3. Individual Printing: Any individual Scout can download and print the Advancement information/materials he/she needs.4. Group Printing: A group of scouts or their Unit Leader/Scoutmaster may also download and print a particularAdvancement information/material.5. Standalone Module: Although this module shares the Rank, Merit Badge, and other Advancement records with theScout Registry Module, it operates as a standalone online tool (i.e. it will not update any information in Scout Registry), atleast for now.6. Open Module: A Scout or Unit Leader/Scoutmaster (or anybody for that matter) need not log in to access the site.Nevertheless, a Scout or Unit Leader who already has a User Account in the Scout Registry system (i.e. SYSTEM-3) maylikewise access this module while logged in to the Scout Registry system.
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