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Crystal Open Scouts Alleviate Summer Heat

In Bangladesh, the unbearable heat of summer creates difficulties for many people. During this time, many ordinary people find themselves facing unbearable conditions, especially those who are commuters or daily wage earners, as they may struggle to endure the heat and can fall ill as a result. With the aim of providing temporary comfort and assistance to them, we are implementing this project, and just like the first day, today, on the second day, we are executing our plans.
We are all working together, that is, members of the Crystal Open Scouts Rover team, to contribute to the implementation of this project. Approximately 12 members of the Rover team have participated in this project over the course of two days. We are distributing cold drinks among ordinary people and commuters to alleviate their suffering. In this project, we have been able to provide this service to nearly 620 people on the second day alone.
For the people and by the people. And the second law of scouting is to be a friend to all. It is the duty of all friends to stand by each other. Our responsibility is always to stand by the people at the highest level possible.
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