Cope with the cyclone

I try my best to weather the storm. Through this I try to keep my mind mentally alert. I try to prepare myself to do the next deviant act.

I prepare myself by looking at the weather forecast before a hurricane arrives. The people of the Upakuleo area send warning messages to them. If the weather is bad, we encourage the people in the suburbs to go to the shelter. We distribute dry food, water, and bed sheets to the people in the shelter. Later, adopted emergency numbers, medical centers, police stations. and administrative systems for the safety of people. But despite everything, I worked with safety and security.

We all know that danger never comes, after that, we have some work to do to stand by common people. At that time, we should be careful, we all try to stand by each other and help each other, keep ourselves strong in all these times. Keep and act cool.

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