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community gardening service

As a human I want to bring myself to a point where I can help everyone in fields that I can help with. I want to make changes in the world even if its a small one. Everything about community service makes me want to do more, makes me feel like I should do more. When I See peoples doing community services it inspires me to be like them doing services for communities betterment.
Our project started from 11/may/2019 and ended in 25/may/2019. There where around 78 members/participants in the service of making the communities garden to a beautiful park. Each and every participant gave their best in working for 15 days to make a difference in the community. The participants were divided into a group of 8 peoples each group assigned with certain parts to work. everyone worked hard and were able to make the community in a nice place to visit.
As it was a community service around 200 to 300 peoples were benefited with it. Making our project a success had made a place for the community peoples to relax. It made our environment look beautiful and attractive and peaceful. As we the participants worked we were able make changes in the views of the peoples as we were able to inspire them. NOT MUCH BUT ATLEAST OUR SERVICE MADE THE PEOPLES HAPPY.
At first I thought that 15 days is a little too much for a community service but as I worked for the betterment of the community it made me realize that the more changes I make the more happier I become. I learned that even a small help matters the most in making difference.
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