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Nahid Hassan

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Sharing the joy of Eid among the poor and helpless people. Generally poor people never get good food. For that reason, we took the initiative with the help of district administration with the help of 7 scouts and 2 rovers to put a smile on their faces on the occasion of Eid
The project was implemented in a rural area located 8 to 9 km from our district. We work for the residents of that area
The impact of the project was good. We were able to share Eid joy among them and put smiles on their faces
Poor and needy people do not get good food from the project. The residents and the chairman are very happy with our little step. Some elderly people raised their hands and prayed to God for us. It would be better if we could increase the amount of help and enroll more people. And because of lack of money we are hindered from it
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