Be aware, Be clean, Be healthy

My motivation for cleaning or organizing a clean-up drive at our school is that, as a scout, it is necessary to clean up waste and garbage that is scattered around our campus to maintain clean and fresh environments. Because piled-up garbage can be a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, it may have an impact on the health of our schoolmates.
Split each other by crew and have them assigned to different areas, thus cleaning is much easier and more efficient. The collected garbage is then thrown in a garbage disposal to be disposed of.
The impact of having to do a clean-up drive is that it reduces the amount of garbage in our surroundings, as well as the possibility of contamination and harm to human health. Cleaning also ensures that the air is clean and fresh in the community and school.
This activity gave me the opportunity to become a more productive individual in terms of caring for and being responsible in our community and environment. Recognizing environmental issues, particularly the garbage problem, has helped me to develop my discipline and understand my role in the planet we live on.
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