Awareness Program On Noise Pollution

Organizing a Noise Pollution Awareness Program in front of hospitals is not just an initiative; it's a commitment to healing. Let's turn the volume down on unnecessary noise, replacing it with compassion and consideration. Together, we can create a harmonious environment for hope and recovery. "Your actions today can save lives tomorrow!"

Imaging the impact of this extreme noise, about 50 Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Rangers, Adult Leader with the help of Kolkata Traffic Police were conducted in this awareness program. We arranged a rally with Placards on No horn and Save Drive also. We convinced the drivers about the impact of this noise to the patients, told them what should they do. We stuck No Horn stickers on the back side of their cars and on the walls of the hospitals.

Creating a Noise Pollution Awareness Program involves educating communities about harmful effects, promoting responsible behavior, and implementing noise reduction measures. The project aims to raise awareness through workshops, campaigns, and informational materials. It encourages individuals to adopt noise-conscious habits, fostering a healthier and quieter environment for all.

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