Assistance for OK City after tornados

The scouts in our area, Grapevine, TX, are very aware of the dangers associated with tornados.  We live in "Tornado Alley" and tornado drills are a part of the school districts' emergency procedures.  After a school in Oklahoma City was hit with devastating tornado and the city itself hit twice in just a week, I had several scouts ask about how they could help.  They were very upset that other children had been hurt or killed.  As Day Camp Director for our local District, I used the opportunity to reach all our camp attendees about the need for help in OKC.  We contacted a local organization, Mercury 1, to inquire about what was needed and together we gathered food, blankets, toys, diapers, clothes, etc to deliver to OKC.  Each scout brought an item, from the list of things needed, to give from Tuesday through Friday of our camp.  The generosity was amazing! 
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