Adopt a tree
South Africa

Adopt a tree

In conjunction with our local communities, adopt a tree project, the cubs of third pinelands adopted 6 indigenous trees.

The cubs planted their trees on the Friday evening, as some of the families were planting there's the next day. On Friday evening we invited the lady heading up the project to come and speak to the cubs about why she started this project and what benefits it would bring to out the neighbourhood as well as to the canal.

We then headed out. With the holes ready and waiting, the cubs with some adult assistance used their spades and hands to fertilize the ground, plant the trees, place the watering tube over the roots and cover the roots of the tree with soil. Each cub was asked to bring 5 litres of recycled water from home so that we could use this to water the trees, which they dutifully did. 

Since then each family has been bringing water to water the trees and where they have the capacity, been watering the trees on the weekend - during the summer. We have a wet winter, so watering does not need to happen. This schedule of watering in summer and leaving in winter has to continue for two years during the summer months, it is anticipated that by the end of two years the roots of the tree will be deep enough to hit the water table.

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