Webinar On Covid 19 Vaccination - Myths & Facts

Webinar On Covid 19 Vaccination - Myths & Facts

Namasthe, I attended the Webinar on Covid 19 Vaccination - Myths & Facts Awareness Meeting held by our State Associations of The Bharat Scouts and Guides 22.05.2021 (Saturday) from 5.00 pm very attentively in full scout uniform.

The meeting started with the worship service and started with the introduction of key figures. Speaking afterwards the esteemed Dr. Covid said that the awareness about 19 was taken to be very clear and easy to understand.

After that, what is a vaccine? How it is made, in which countries it is made, to whom the vaccine is made first and to whom it is tested. Advantages and disadvantages of vaccine administration Who, at what age should be vaccinated.

 Vaccine injection awareness video that differentiates between eating habits after vaccination, the impact of human lung disease after vaccination and the risk of human lung disease when not vaccinated.
Clearly explained how to register online and many more information to learn.

This Webinar meeting was very helpful to me. My heartfelt thanks to my district scout movement and the state scout movement administrators for giving me this good opportunity .... 

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