Types of Signs For Advertising

Types of Signs For Advertising

LED Signs For Advertising is a kind of advertisement marking products which use LED modules / LED strips / Neon light as the lighting source. With its beautiful day, bright night, energy-saving, durable and many advantages, Advertising Sign Letters become popular quickly as soon as they come out. They have the effect of lighting, beautifying, decorating and so on, and it is the mainstream of advertising sign of logo and letter at present.

Channel Sign Letters are the type which most commonly used, they have a certain three-dimensional sense, with a strong visual impact. The Custom 3D Letters overcome the shortcomings of the flat words and can be produced various shapes of Sign Logo and Letters. They are used in Shopping Malls, Hotels, Parks, Buildings, Shops, and Advertisements.

The 10 types of signs for advertising

There are various methods for classifying Letter Signs For Business, which can be classified according to the materials used, or according to the manufacturing process, or can be classified according to the actual light effects. Different colors can be used to create different effects. IS LED SIGN is here to divide them into the following 10 types:

1.Stainless Steel Frontlit Channel Letters (with trim caps)

The Frontlit Channel Letters shell can be made of mirror stainless steel or brush stainless with normal SS color or gold color. Stainless steel material is beautiful, elegant, long life, weatherproof.
Firstly, we use machine laser cutting the stainless steel into a letter shape trim cap. Secondly, surrounded the trim with stainless steel strips, and then polished. Thirdly, laser engraving the imported acrylic sheet from the panel, use glass glue fix inside the trims. Findly, install the energy-saving LED light source on the metal backs, and screw it.

2.Galvanized Sheet Frontlit Channel Letters

The difference between the last type is the letter shell material, this type is galvanized sheet, we also call it "iron sheet". They are always painted PMS colors base on customer's requests, and that one type will be cheaper than the Stainless Steel one.

3.Aluminum Trimless Frontlit Channel Letters

This Aluminum sign is without the front border which we called trim caps. The front face is only made of acrylic, so it is with more wonderful looks. Besides, the returns also can choose PMS painting if customers have special color needs.

4.Metal Halolit Channel Letters

This kind Halolit Letters also called as “Reverse Lit Letters” or “ Back Lit Letters”. The metal can be stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet, also can paint colors of PMS. Inside the letters, we install LED modules or LED strips with normal colors of white, yellow, red, and green.
We usually add a clear acrylic about 5mm-10mm deep as the backs. All of the Halo lit Channel Letters will be equipped with 1:1 installation paper and mounted pins for customers to fix on the wall.

5.Frontlit and Halolit Channel Letters

The Front and Back Lit Channel Letters are a combination of Frontlit channel letters with Backlit channel letters, transfer lights both from front face and backs. There is one sheet inside the letters, which install with LED lights on the double side, so the color of front light can be different from the backlight. The metal can use different materials of galvanized sheet, stainless steel, or aluminum.

6. Acrylic LED Channel Letters

Acrylic is the material for front face and side returns, the difference from the above sign letters is acrylic letters light not only from the Front face but from the side edge, we also call it Edge Lit Acrylic Letters.  If customers have the special color need, IS LED SIGN often stick colored vinyl on the front face.

7. Mini Acrylic Letters

The Mini Acrylic Letters is made of solid acrylic material about 20mm thickness. Advertising campaigns designed it specifically for chain brand stores. It has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, compact, noble, fashionable, high brightness, uniformity, and strong three-dimensional sense.

8. Punching Holes Exposed LED Sign Letters

This letter sign is similar to the Seiko Letter, but we punch round holes about 9mm-12mm diameter on the metal front face, and put the exposed LED from inside.

The material can be Stainless steel, Aluminum, or Galvanized Sheet with painting colors, the LED can be single colors of Red, Green, White, Yellow, or RGB LED.

9.Non-illuminated Signs

This type can be solid PVC / Acrylic cutting straightly, and painting colors, they also can be Fabricated by Stainless steel, Aluminum, or Galvanized Sheet.

10.Neon Signs

There are two kinds of Neon Signs, one is Glass Tube Neon Sign, the other is the new style of PVC tube Custom LED Neon Signs. It can be customized as various shapes of the logo, any font letters, and fix on the acrylic backboards or steel frame.

Many people like the glass one because it is vintage style, it is suited for the heavy metal Café / Bars. But the Flexible Neon LED Sign is more environmental protection, people can use it for Home Decoration.

How To Make Sign Letters

Although the manufacturing process of various LED Channel Letters is different, there is no change in essence, LED modules are used as the light source. The general production method is as follows:

1. Custom Design

IS LED SIGN team of design experts will help customers create the design vector files of signage that is unique to your brand while promoting a professional image that stands out from the crowd.

2. Cutting material

Cutting materials of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron Sheet, and Acrylic Sheet on the CNC laser cutting machine base on the vector files.

3. Quality Fabrication

Using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, IS LED SIGN fabricators will build the advertising signs for lasting performance and style.

4. Calculate the required quantity of LED modules

We will calculate the quantity of LED modules need according to the size and the font, and then arrange them in equal distance. Generally, the spacing of the LED lights is 3--6CM, and the distance of the LED modules can be arranged according to actual conditions.

5. Equip power supply based on the total number of LED modules

Note that there is usually a surplus when selecting the power supply, which is calculated according to 75% of the rated power. Select a normal and waterproof power supply according to the environment in which the stereo letters are used.

6. Install the LED modules

The inside of the 3D Channel Letters is cleaned, and the LED modules are arranged on the bottom letter base. Be careful to evenly arrange, and finally do a test. The biggest feature of the LED Channel Sign Letters is that people can see your business in the dark, and the color effects are also very vivid, which has a strong visual impact. It is the first choice for business advertising sign making!

7. Final Assemble

After the test the LED light effect, we will assemble the front letter frame with the backs, then screw it and the letter production finished.

8. Packing

Safe packing of bind up letters with bubble,  then put the foam around the letters and put on the three-ply wooden box.

9. Professional Delivery

After your signage is complete, our professional delivery services will ensure your products arrive at your desired location safely and on-time.

IS LED SIGN is Direct Manufacturer of All these kind Letter Signs for Advertising and Business from China, we accept OEM/ODM orders and custom the Signage of what you really need. Contact us to discuss more details of Business Logo or Letter Signs, Today!


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