Solar Education to the community in  Marsabit County

Solar Education to the community in Marsabit County

 The training took 3days in Marsabit County in laisams ,  January, 2020 over 100 women and 70 both scouts and non- scouts attended the scout go solar training and the menstrual hygiene. During the solar session most of the women didn’t know neither did they have any idea of what solar power is Most of them pass through alot of challenges, especially the women who are  the sole bread winners of their family ,after the training I gave out some  solar lamps to help them in their manyattas.

Here are some of the challenges they face:-

-Most of them are attacked by animals at night in the darkness e.g. the scorpions, hyenas and spiders.

-The children in school suffer due to lack of light in their houses thus unable to do their assignments and night studies.

-During delivery most women die when giving birth because in the manyattas there is no light and the mid-wives go through hard times because they rely on torches that use dry cells.

-The torches are not reliable because sometimes the dry cells are not available in the village shops.

Giving them solar lamps and installing solar panels in the manyattas and schools will go a long way in addressing the above challenges.

Legacy BWF