Scouting: Africa’s Leading Social Force for Youth Empowerment
Joao Armando

Scouting: Africa’s Leading Social Force for Youth Empowerment

Dear Brother and Sister Scouts, Scouts in Africa have contributed to the development of the continent and the world in general for over 100 years now. Today is a day that was set aside by none other than the African Union in 1995 in recognition of this contribution from Scouting. Every year, on 13 March, Africa Scout Day helps us to remind ourselves how young people make a difference to the communities they live in. Long before multilateral organisations such as the United Nations and other civil society organisations started to work on urbanisation issues, Scouts in African countries have not only been active in their small communities through important deeds and activities to bring positive change, they have also been actively assisting their national development programmes. Service is a key component of Scouting’s education where young people learn that everyone can make a difference, especially through discovering the agency in themselves to help create a better world. As active citizens, Scouts contribute immensely, transforming homes, streets, neighbourhoods, cities and eventually their countries and the larger society they are part of. All this clearly goes to reinforce this year’s theme for Africa Scouts Day, “Scouting: Africa’s Leading Social Force for Youth Empowerment”. I miss being with all of you in Uganda today, but on behalf of the 40 million plus WOSM members, I wish you all a very happy Africa Scouts Day 2015! João Armando P Gonçalves Chairperson, World Scout Committee
Youth Programme
Youth Engagement