Scout Heros

Scout Heros

The Novel Coronavirus pandemic is placing significant strains on health systems, essential public service and communities globally.

In this time of lack of trained staffs to combat the pandemic, a group of scouts in the bhaktapur district has been providing various services as required on self-initiation. These services are highly welcomed by the local authorities and community.

A group of scout members are voluntarily staying at Bhaktapur Hospital since lockdown. There are three scout members in the group namely Rajesh Gaiju, Arun Sainju, and Nhuja Kiju. They are specially trained for dead body safe disposal management of the victims of COVID-19 . After the recent death of a women  due to the virus, the local authorities and even the hospital were reluctant to dispose the dead body due to the fear of the virus. In such situations, these two scouts intervened and volunteered to transport he dead body to the crematorium.

According to the Kantipur News Publication, Arun said, “Due to the training that we received in Scouting, we have done various services in the past. Scouting has given us the courage to undertake this mission.”

The team, along with the police and the army transported the body to the crematorium and the victim was cremated in the electric crematorium. After their return, the vehicle was sanitized and the team is currently under quarantine in the Army Isolation centre.