STORY ABOUT PRLAB WORKSHOP PRLAB is a training on communication, which delivers knowledge and develop skills in such areas as: Brand building, Marketing Theory, Event Promotion, Social Media Communication, Graphic design, Photography, Video making, W design and Information sharing. This training is Conducted by Tanzania Scouts Association in Collaboration with Polish Scouting and Guiding Association The training is conducted at Jakaya Kikwete Youth Center where there is availability of facilities required for the Workshop. This Workshop has various Objectives to Participants, whereby they will be capable in the following Skills, Marketing, Branding and Scout Brand, Event Promotion, Social Media Communication, Graphic Designing, Video Making, Photography, Web Designing and Information Sharing. To TSA this Workshop is a very Important as it has Two Major events the coming year of 2017, Africa Scout Day and Centenary Jamboree. in order for TSA to achieve well for these two events, it require professional personnel on Public Relations, Promotions and Event Organizing. from this Workshop TSA will acquire professionals for the Above work that they work voluntarily to make the event done.
Communications and Scouting Profile