Plastic Tide Turner Challenge Batch
Shejutee Tabassum Shreya

Plastic Tide Turner Challenge Batch

We did the whole process into three individual steps.The Steps are the preliminary,the leadership and The champion.At preliminary I completed my task (solely) by making a unique use of used plastics at my home by making a flower vase from a plastic bottle and made a flower by using polythenes that are left at my home and make awareness posters about plastic pollution and how’s its gonna end up gulping human existence and alerted 10 individual families to reduce their use of plastics as much as possible.Then at step two I started working with my team and spread awareness to local people and businessmen who are always in need to plastic to run their business and we tried to clean plenty areas which are polluted and also near reservoirs so that it won’t cause water-logging.At step three we tended to spread awareness as much as possible among people and inspired them to reuse plastic and to throw the used junk plastics in a certain specified area and told them how much of a harm a mere plastic can do to human life.At the end of the challenge we went to nearby garbage factories to count how much plastic is being used as one time(when it’s reusable )and causing a gigantic hill of garbages.We weighted the garbage from the different factories and counted how many garbage can we reduce just by recycling. Name:Shejutee Tabassum Shreya BSID-AM9038 4no BN College Dhaka girls in sea scout Dhaka District Sea Scouts Bangladesh Scouts
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