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Suvamay Bera

National Youth Adventure Programme, 2022

From my childhood, I loved to do adventure. After joining scouting, my target was to do an adventure program. I got the opportunity to do this Adventure Program with my whole state and I was very excited. We did the camp at State Training Centre, Bhopalpani, Dehradun, and Uttarakhand, India. It was held from 10/06/2022 to 14/06/2022. We did a lot of fun in this camp. Different adventure activities were done. I participated in each and every activities. Journey Details:- We started our journey from Howrah on 08/06/2022 by Kumbha Express on 13:00 p.m. and we reached at Dehradun in the midnight of 09/06/2022. Day 1(10/06/2022):- We reached at our Camp Site in the early morning on that day. After our Registration work was done, the camp started by hoisting the flag and we did the integration with our states and our introductory session was held. In the evening we did a trek in the local area and learned about many trees and the we got some unexpected views of sunset from the hill. Day 2(11/06/2022):- Our next day started with the sight seeing of Haridwar and Rishikesh. We went to the spots by bus. We enjoyed a lot and we had a great fun with everyone. It was one of the memorable day for us of the whole camp. Day 3(12/06/2022):- The next day we went to a Tibetan Neheru Memorial Foundation and we got to know some exciting things about the Tibetan Society. Then we went to the Sahastradhara Water Fall. We all enjoyed there by taking bath in the natural springs. Day 4(13/06/2022):- This day we felt the real adventure of the whole camp. At first we went to a Forest Liberia in Dehradun. We had spend a great time there. Then we were taken to a hill which is situated far away from the people. Hardly two or three houses were there at the whole place. It was an off-beat place and we did trekking in the hills and faced many challenges while crossing the river with our luggage’s. But it was a great adventure we had there. Then we did cooking by Backwoods Man method on the bank of the river. Honestly speaking, the food was not very good, but we managed to fill our stomach. After all we all are scouts and we have to be prepared for every situation. Day 5(14/06/2022):- It was the last day of the camp. We did All Faith Prayer followed by the closing ceremony and flag down, and then we were released from the camp site after having our lunch. We all returned to Howrah Station safely on 17/06/2022. We all returned to our home safely.

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