Milly Siebrits

Khula Uqinise (Grow and strengthen), South Africa

SCOUTS South Africa received funding via the WSB to assist with growing the Movement in a safe way. Through the funding more than 10 training videos for adults were made that will be used as part of the adult leader training in the e-modules and face-to-face training. This will ensure consistency within the training. The videos were also translated into 5 languages. One of our challenges with introducing Police clearances were always the funding of our existing members in rural areas. Through this funding a long term solution was sought that will ensure discounted rates for police clearances for existing and new members. Nearly 1,000 adult volunteers went through police clearance checks already and the project is continuing. 27 Young people (18-26 year olds) were trained on how to write social media stories, branding, how to react to social media posts, Safe from Harm and Messengers of Peace projects. 20 of them were appointed as Social Influencers for SSA and they each need to write or record 2 videos a month that is uploaded onto Scouting. They have been trained in what is evergreen topics and thus the pieces are released at appropriate times in the calendar. We are receiving stories from grassroots levels that we would not have sourced otherwise and the young people are learning valuable vocational skills as they are doing the volunteer work.
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