Tshering Yangden

International Day of Peace (21/09/2021)

International Day of Peace (21/09/2021) Theme: “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world” On 21st September, 2021, Jomotsangkha MSS, celebrated the “International Day of Peace” on the theme, “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”. The program started with the reception of the chief guest by the scouts. We have recited National Anthem, flag song (Nekartenzhu) followed by His Majesty’s Zhabten. After that a short speech was delivered by the troop leader, highlighting the significance of the day. To commemorate the day, a short video and a song related to the theme was displayed. The program, not only created awareness to the scouts members and the troop leaders but also the non-scouts. The event was made more appealing with the songs and yells by the scout members. The pledges were displayed and read aloud to the scouts and non-scouts and staff. After that the staff and students made their own choice of the pledges and took picture from the photo frame being designed. The pledges are: 1. I commit to Plant trees. 2. I will use facemask every day. 3. I support gender equality. 4. I am catalyst for peace. 5. I commit to help minimize climate change. 6. I will keep physical distancing. 7. Wash your hands with soap and use hand sanitizer. 8. I commit to no plastic. 9. I commit to protect my environment. The program was successfully wrapped up by the vote of thanks with a beautiful quotation “Peace begins when expectation ends” by Sri Chinmoy.
Better Choice
Clean Energy
Healthy Planet
Environment and Sustainability