International Commissioners’ Forum „Cooperation Through Solidarity” has just begun in Poland!

International Commissioners’ Forum „Cooperation Through Solidarity” has just begun in Poland!

- You are taking great and crucial actions in sharing tolerance and democracy. This work is priceless. It is based on the voluntary service and this particular factor makes it even more important and amazing. – said Lech Wałęsa, Nobel Peace Price laureate while opening International Commissioners Forum, which is taking place in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, Poland. International Commissioners’ Forum 2016 is an international meeting of scouting leaders organised by the European WOSM and WAGGGS Regions. It takes place every three years. Leaders responsible for international contacts in Europe take part in it. Moreover, members of governing bodies of WOSM and WAGGGS also participate in these event. An integration of European Scouting in educating youth and meeting new challenges of the modern world are the expected results of this forum. We also hope that in a longer time horizon, mutual understanding and solidarity among our societies in building better world and making positive changes in human’s life would be possible. Lech Wałęsa in his speech to 150 scout leaders from all over the Europe raised an issue of political and social, international situation and armed conflicts in the world. He appealed to the audience: - May the world stop acts of war. May the world withhold conflicts and bloodshed. In few months time in Rio de Janeiro the Olympic Games will begin. In the past, it was the reason for the whole world to suspend all military actions. I’m calling upon Olympic Truce, for new peace. Today I’m asking you to join this attempt. His appeal for peace was seconded by leaders of WOSM and WAGGGS. One of the guests of the Forum is João Armando Gonçalves – the Chairperson of the World Scout Committee. In the ICForum logo the leading motive of this event „Cooperation Through Solidarity”, is symbolised by two bands, that creates an innovative and modern version of lily together. -The colours of the bands represent the two parts of the World Scouting and World Guiding Family: the bottom band represents WOSM, while the upper one represents WAGGGS as two independent, separate organisations whilst also collaborating together and this is what creates Scouting and Guiding in the European Region –says Michał Pośpiech, graphic designer, architect and scout from Poland. Lasting till Sunday forum is a mixture of work forms: plenary sessions, numerous workshops offered by international experts and practices of scouting, informal meetings and consultations among subgroups i.e. Visegrad Group (V4), Nordic Group, German Speaking Group, Francophone Group or Baltic one.
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