Implementing Growth Strategy in Hungary

For us, implementing the growth strategy means talking to every board, every district, every local scout group. Of particular importance to us are new district leaders, new board members, new scoutleaders. It is good to see young people getting involved and taking responsibility. And it's important to train them, to share knowledge, to pass on good practices so that they can lead the people entrusted to them in an increasingly better quality. To grow, it's important for us to develop national teams -- so that volunteers can get expert help at district and group level, on specific topics such as child protection, sustainability or camping. And our great pride is the Team and District Audit, a framework that gives applicant teams and districts the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of their team. Like it mentioned in a feedback from a participant: "For me, it was both fun and enjoyable to participate in the GSAT weekend. I learnt a lot about our scout group, I came across a lot of things that were good to see, how great and transparent we are doing, or how they are much better implemented than I thought. Alongside this, it was also reaffirming to see that we still need to improve in one or two areas. To sum up, I can say that the preparation process itself has helped me to see things in a different way, but the weekend has helped me to realistically assess and become aware of these things, and I think we will be able to lead the team in the right direction based on what we have experienced there."

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