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Calling Challenge

*Project- Sankalp..* **_CALLING CHALLENGE*_* SDG- 3 Good Health and well Being , 4- Quality Education 6 Water and Sanitation And 15- Climate Change *Stay at home save lives* Thank you 1) soni kumari, GC,Katihar 2) Piyush Kumar ,Scout, Forbesganj, Araria 3) Sapana Kumari, Guide, Araria. 4) md Sahid Alam ,S M ,Forbesganj , Araria 5) Goldi kumari, Guide , Kuaari, Araria They successfully completed my challenge to complete the CALLING CHALLENGE and also started to spread this activity. Once again thank you all for accepting the CALLING CHALLENGE and for sharing your pics by saying that you are at home. I appeal to all kindly aware and motivate your community. Join with us and break the chain of Covid -19 .... *Stay at home Save lives* #stayathome #21daylockdown #fightcovid19 #bsgindia #sankalpbyscoutguide
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