600 Million Community Service Hours | ‪#‎scout600Mhours‬

*** ‪#‎scout600Mhours‬ | MADAGASCAR ***
Madagascar, helped to achieve the #‎scout600Mhours 600 million service hours by : greening operations, empowering equity, youth empowerment, spread awareness - Let's continue to inspire the world as we work towards achieving 1 billion community service hours.
Please find a short video [my service hours focused on ...] - Thank you very much Marie Louise - MoP from ivory-coast for nominating me. "Mission 2" was launched by João Armando G. followed by Scott Teare, Jemima N. Nartey and Marie Louise Charlie Ycossié and now I would like to introduce my friends :
  • Abdullah Alfahad,
  • Alexander Wong,
  • Conrad Natse,
  • Cynthia Marquez,
  • Frederic Kama-Kama,
  • Guadalupe Sanmateu Rosada,
  • Ndounda Zamanda,
  • Ledet Yosef,
  • Olusoga Sofolahan,
  • Sara Rego,
  • Tily Eto Madagasikara
who have also made this positive change !
Let's welcome this New Year with smiles on our faces and hopes in our heart.
Wish you very happy and successful new year 2015 !
Sanda Rasoamahenina | IC Madagascar
Legacy BWF
Youth Programme