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WII Seymour Scout Peace Garden

In 2019 Seymour Scouts decided to build a WII peace garden for the people of a defence town of Seymour. The main thing that keep the scouts participating is the wellbeing of the Seymour community. It was nice to see people walking past paying tribute to the Australian Soldiers.
The peace garden was built outside the Seymour Scout hall. Many steps took part in building the garden including the source of the plants, soil, flag poles, plaques and other building materials. Building garden beds for the plants and spending many hours planting the trees, weeding the soil and watering the plants to keep them healthy.
The peace garden benefited the whole town of Seymour mainly the people from defence families. It gives them a sense that people care for what their families have been through, what they have done and that people are grateful for their service.
This project teaches others what people go through to keep Australia safe and to keep peace between others.
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