Scout Summer Hike 2017

Scout Summer Hike 2017

Title: Scout Summer Hike on Substance Abuse & Anti Suicide Campaign in District Ghizer Route: Gohar Abad to Gahkuch Slogan: Say No to Drugs Objectives: • To educate the public through awareness raising campaign about the bad impacts of using drugs and suicide. • To make the public self centered and develop their civic sense to realize the social evils in their society and how to control it being a good citizen. • To encourage youth to be active and good members of society. • Provide a platform to the youth of the region to engage themselves in healthy activities Tentative Dates: • 18-20 August 2017 Participants: • 100 Scouts from Gilgit Baltistan Boy Scouts Association. (GBBSA) Activities: • Messenger of Peace Activities • Awareness through camping • Hike • Camp fire • Social Services • Display Banners • Sessions • Cleanliness • Awareness Messages
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