My Scout summer 2017

My Scout summer 2017

This summer I have started to transition to a new stage of my life - the end of higher education and qualification "architect of buildings and constructions". All my hobbies are very closely intertwined. Architect I decided to become approximately the same period when I met the world of Scouting. My scouting story lasts for almost a decade and the experience gained has always helped me to find the right solution, I have always been an active scout local Association, but with a new round of life are learned and new perspectives. Scout is the researcher's of own way, now I also can safely be called.... Despite the new job I was able to participate in the organization of traditional 23rd camp "Dzherelo", to communicate with scouts of my patrol, "Forest girls" (love them very much !) and rethink a lot of things to take strategic plan for the next few years and begin its execution. Though this summer was not the most active for my scouting life, but it became one of the most important on the path to rebuilding my own life and prioritization! In soul I am always a scout!
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