Messengers of Peace Camp

The Messengers of Peace project is a perfect medium by which Scouts in the Lerderderg Region of Victoria, Australia could extend the hand of friendship to children from families seeking asylum and refuge in Australia and who have settled in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  We will be inviting 120 youth to join with Scouts of all ages in a Peace Camp at Treetops Scout Camp, Riddells Creek. We aim to use the camp to educate our Scout members on the plight of families who seek refuge here in Australia and to extend a welcoming hand to our new arrivals and help them to intergrate into their new community. The camp will be at no cost to the the 120 invitees who will be given the opportunity to experience Scouting in a friendly atmosphere of harmony. Planning for the big event which will be held from Friday 21st February 2014 until Sunday 23rd February 2014 is well under way. As we go through the planning stage and make contact with the various refugee advocacy groups we will be spreading the message of Scouting.
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