Introduction of messenger of peace to unit leaders

Introduction of messenger of peace to unit leaders

Messenger of peace introduction to the unit leaders of maharishi district . There about 33 unit leaders from maharishi district .The initiative of mop was briefly described with activity programs.  It was great experience to aware about mop to an fresher who is well interested in knowing that . Messenger of peace started inspiring them in the middle of the session . It all started with Mop introduction , life vest video and reflections videos.  Who else doesn't love colours , the unit leaders are said to draw what is peace according to you . Then alelee song which made them more active they loved the sing song . was briefly explained to the unit leaders and they are registered.  Network game which made them to understand that togetherness is the greatest strength , together we can change the world followed by MOP beat . Most loved moment In the session . Age doesn't barrier for joy , unit leaders danced for mop beat and it was played 4 times in the request of participants. 


Total number of participants = 33

Number of  hours = 2

33*2*1 = 66

Total number of service hours = 66


Number of participants
Service hours
Legacy BWF