Jay-Ar Catabona


Slovenian scouts collecting food for families in need. Feštival, an annual scouting event that takes place in the largest park of Ljubljana, Tivoli, celebrated its 18th birthday on 12nd April 2014. To make it even more special, Slovenian scouts decided to add something extra this year: besides different scouting activities, like archery and canoeing, scouts were also invited to donate non-perishable food that they brought from their homes. The food was then given to the organization Anina zvezdica that collects it for families in need. We gathered so much food, that it filled up an entire car! Apart from that, the scouts also participated in different workshops. The workshop of DOD offered to them a possibility to debate about the identity of scouting, share their thoughts about why do scouts create a better world and create nice little magnets that will be handed out to people on one of our future service projects: Days of social responsibility. (Pictures by: Maša, RST)
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