Earth Hour 2015 - Awareness Campaign

Earth Hour has been observed by our group for the last three years from 2013, this year we planned to make awareness to the communities surrounding our area. We conducted four programs about Earth Hour on the same day, we organised 'Pedal for the Planet' a cycle rally by our group members for a distance of 5.1 km connecting three different areas with their busy public places. During the rally, placards were mounted on the cycles with the main banner and pamphlets were distributed by our members to the public and made aware of Earth Hour and conserving of energy. Important public places like bus terminus, police stations and employees gate has been covered during the rally, pamphlets were distributed and posters were pasted. After the rally, we conducted a Workshop on Earth Hour & Climate Change at the Advanced Welding and Training Institute (AWTI) for the Technical Training Center (TTC) students. 130 students participated in the workshop, a lecturer from WWF India took a seminar on Earth Hour and Climate Change. During the workshop, Signature Campaign was also organised by us, all the participants of the workshop took the pledge that they will Switch Off all the non-essentials lights during Earth Hour. Candle Light activity was conducted in the eve, candles were lit in the 60+ formation. A total of 210 members were participated during the Earth Hour program. The Whole program was supported by the Tamilnadu Sate - WWF India.
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