Peace and Community Engagement

There’s a Messenger of Peace in every Scout!

Support young community leaders as they champion peace and unity. Your guidance helps Scouts with skill-building and decision-making for positive change.

We know that young people have the capacity to breakdown barriers and build bridges where there was division. The Dialogue for Peace Challenge is an skill-building experience to make it happen!

On this journey of mutual understanding and positive change, you’ll guide Scouts in discovering the power of dialogue as a transformative tool. 

Support young people in applying the principles of dialogue, navigate the roadmap to transform conflict into peace, and build a harmonious world where young people become peace catalysts!

Do you want your Scouts to serve as a beacon of peace, friendship and mutual respect? That’s what the Interreligous Dialogue Challenge is all about!

Guide young people in promoting harmonious relationships among diverse religious communities.

Equip them with openness and curiosity to find richness in religious diversity and community service. Together, let's create a world where different faiths unite in harmony.