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Wind/hydroelectric generator

Learning of the basic process for the generation of energy by common actions of nature, the movement of air and/or water.

Develop these Key Competencies:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Systems Thinking

Materials needed

  • Electric motor of a toy that is no longer used.
  • Silicon or glue
  • Wooden sticks.
  • Thread Cap
  • Base of wood or other solid material.
  • LED spotlight.
  • Small wires
Activity Description

* CAUTION: Watch out for glue on surfaces.



  1. Make a propeller with the sticks and the lids.
  2. Glue the propeller to the motor so that the motor can be moved and the propeller spins it.
  3. Connect the LED to the motor.
  4. Turning the turbine will turn on the motor which will power the LED.



  • Turn on the LED


  • How do we obtain or create electricity?
  • Can we create electricity on our own? How?


Good to k

Wind energy is part of renewable energies and has been used for centuries. It is the energy that is obtained through the wind.

A wind generator is a windmill. The wind moves its blades and the kinetic energy they create passes to an electric generator and is transformed into electricity. Home electric generators, or mini-wind generators, can provide electricity in homes, schools, farms, etc. They are mainly used in rural areas, although home wind energy is also becoming more widespread in buildings since their height can be used to install a wind generator.


¿Did you know…

  • The first renewable energy source was windmills.


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