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1 القضاء
على الفقر
2 القضاء التام
على الجوع
3 الصحة
الجيدة والرفاه
4 التعليم
5 المساواة بين
6 المياة النظيفة
والنظافة الصحية
7 طاقة نظيفة
وبأسعار معقولة
8 العمل اللائق
ونمو الاقتصاد
9 الصناعة والابتكار
10 الحدّ من أوجه
عدم المساواة
11 مدن ومجتمعات
محلية مستدامة
12 الاستهلاك
13 العمل
14 الحياة تحت
15 الحياة
في البرّ
16 السلام والعدل
17 عقد الشراكات
Sustainable Development Goals
50 مليون كشاف يشاركون بأكبر مساهمة شبابية في اطار منسق لتحقيق أهداف التنمية المستدامة

Scouts contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

1158234483 Service hours
6337994 Service Actions
50253231 Contributions

Scouts Projects around the World

The boundaries, names and designations shown on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and does not represent any political formalities of its Member Organizations. While the map is intended to show the level of SDG activity in various parts around the world based on registered projects on, all information shown are for visualisation only and no other representations unrelated to the registered projects are being made.

مهتم بكيفية التعلم لأجل أهداف التنمية المستدامة في الكشفية؟

اكتشف الإرشادات الخاصة بأهداف التنمية المستدامة واحصل على إرشادات عملية حول أسباب وكيفية إنشاء أهداف تربوية لأهداف التنمية المستدامة ، وما هي فرص التعلم التي يمكن إضافتها للكشافين ، وكذلك التعرف على أهداف التنمية المستدامة بعمق، بالإضافة إلى أفضل الممارسات من داخل وخارج الحركة الكشفية.


Alwaleed Philanthropies and World Scouting are key partners on the Scouts For SDGs initiative, supporting the development of Scouting in the Gulf Cooperation Countries and the alignment of our World Scout Programmes with the SDGs.

KAICIID and World Scouting are key partners on our Dialogue for Peace programme, empowering young people with the necessary tools to promote and practice effective dialogue and understanding across cultures.

UN Environment and World Scouting are strategic partners on environmental educaiton and awareness. From the #cleanseas campaign to the World Scout Environment Programme, this partnership offers young people attractive alternatives to learn and act on environmental issues.

UN Women and World Scouting are partners promoting gender equality through the HeForShe campaign, including the dissemination of a HeForShe action kit for Scouts to be implemented by Scout Leaders worldwide.

UNICEF and World Scouting work together to ensure the positive development of adolescents and youth all over the world. Our partnerships covers areas such as civic engagement, youth empowerment and life skills education.

UNESCO is a partner of World Scouting in offering learning opportunities to young people in relation to World Heritage Sites.

FAO and World Scouting are partners in the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA), offering a range of activities and badges on specific themes related to the SDGs.

WWF and World Scouting are key partners on environmental education and awareness. From the Earth Hour Campaign to the World Scout Environment Programme, WWF and Scouts ensure young people are up to date of the environmental challenges facing our planet.

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