Youth and Children Day engaged for Peace and Reconciliation

Youth and Children Day engaged for Peace and Reconciliation

JESPAIR is an activity initiated by my Scout group"Cheetah" to instill values of peace; tolerance; respect for other young Scouts and non Scouts around educational activities: Stand Art For Peace ; Stand GOD and PEACE Roundtable on the topic: "The challenges of a real reconciliation and commitment in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. " With the participation of experts of the National Programme for Social Cohesion (PNCS) and the National Commission for National Reconciliation and victims (CONARIV) Sports activities to instil into childs the team spirit; respect of the rules, fair play. Activity "On the Road of Peace" By track games, 2-5 groups of participants go to meet personalities of Peace (members of our recognized community for their commitment to peace, reconciliation and mercy) with whom they exchange on the topic: the love of God and neighbor, mercy, citizenship and education, perseverance and take a family photo.
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