Pioneer the Millennium

Pioneer the Millennium

We recently had the opportunity to attend LEAD, the Scouts Australia National Leadership course, where we were introduced to the Messengers of Peace program. We were given the challenge to "Create a Better World" by making a positive social impact within our communities. As more than 1.1 million children in Australia are currently living in underprivileged situations, we believe that these children are the future of Australia and deserve more than what they currently have.

Pioneer the Millennium are partnering with Livewires, an after-school and holiday program for underprivileged primary school aged children who are considered "at risk" and do not have a stable home to go, and is based in Collingwood, Australia. Together, the intent is to build a creative and innovative generation by supplying both the children and the program with materials for school, art and recreational use.

What we will be doing

Fundraising for this project will enable us to ensure that the products being provided are of high quality and will be valued. We will also be collecting donations from within Victoria (Australia) that both we and the program believe will be suitable for the desired results of Pioneer the Millennium.

What will we achieve?

By completing this project, we will be improving the opportunity for creativity in these children who may not have the ability to otherwise, and to support the children with the material for education, as well as equipment for leisure purposes, in order to improve their quality of life. Also, by providing these children with play equipment and art supplies, they will then have opportunity for growth and personal development, as well as put a smile on a few more children's faces within our community.

Our Expectations
We are expecting to help these children create a better life for themselves, improve their mental health and wellbeing for both them and their families, and improve the opportunities for engaging education and the ability for the kids to participate in fun activities that would be similar to their peers in their regular school environment.
Our major aim is to reduce the impacts of the cycle of disadvantage early in a child's life, which will then benefit them, as well as their families, in the future.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
This project predominantly correlates with and fulfils four (4) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are;
    1.    No Poverty - Pioneer the Millennium is working to provide school and art supplies, which therefore result in more money for the recipients families, which can be put toward other necessities.
    2.    Good Health and Wellbeing - having access to the materials we are going to provide will relieve mental stress for both students and families, as they will now be able to focus on different and more important needs.
    3.    Education - we will be providing school supplies in order to retain an adequate education. 
    4.    Responsible Consumption and Production - all of the products being provided will be used in an environment where they are valued and will be used for a responsible purpose

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