Peace seeker - MOP

Peace seeker - MOP

It was pleasant morning,Myself and my rover mate we planned to introduce messenger of peace to the scouts and guides in my district . We told the scouts and guides to assemble . They were about 400 students consists of both scouts and guides. They didnt know what we are going to do. They were vry interested to know . we started with a interaction . Then we played lifevest inside one day video song, the scouts and guides liked  that song they wanted us to play that song again, then we spoke  about the video . Thn we gave papers to all the scouts and guidesand told them to draw what peace means to me. Then we sung ALELE song whiich made the scoP and guides happy. After that we danced for MOP beat which made the scouts and guides to get energgtic. The joy of dance has no end , The mop beat connected myself and the scpouts through the art of music .

The total number participants :  1

No of days : 1

service hours per day : 2

Total service hours :2

Number of participants
Service hours
Legacy BWF