Painting our scout's home

We, the Rangers and Rovers of the scout group 60 painted the renewed scout's home. We also improved the floor and helped building up a new kitchen. Now, as we are finished, the new rooms are used by all our scouts. The rooms are also used by the "Jungschar", a catholic youth association, and the confirmation group. It all started, when the kindergarten decided to renew the building in order to provide access to handicapped people. It was clear that this would be a good opportunity to renovate and remodel the basement, where our scout's home is located. In addition, we would have a new room afterwoods. We, the Rangers and Rovers, agreed to paint the walls and improve the floor. So we met every Wednesday for 8 weeks and worked hard to get the rooms accessible again. Last week we finally finished and now about 200 young people can use the rooms again. Some weeks before, we also helped another scout extracting his old kitchen for further use by the scout group. After finishing the work, we put the kitchen in our new scout's home. It won't be long until some professionals have it installed and useable. Photos and data sheets will follow.
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